About ME

From a young age I have always been drawn to the creative side of life.  

A six year career in TV Production for Channel 4, ITV and BBC as a shooting AP, really brought my visual mind and creative vision into focus.  This was followed by almost a decade of working within the performing arts industry as a vocal/performance coach, composer and Musical Director/Producer, nurturing my love for performance in its many forms.  It is the combination of my working history and personal interest which has married to inform, inspire and guide the work I do and love now.

A person with many facets and passions, it is recognising this innate complexity in others also that makes me love to write a song, draw a person, to interpret a vision, a dream, to capture a heart-felt performance; to just 'see', depict and interpret things afresh with each and every job.

Creativity is a word not unlike 'spiritual' - hard to pin down, tricky to define and totally intangible, yet it also has the power to affect all things, steer all thoughts and totally wrap itself around you.  It's an amazing thing to possess and I count myself very lucky. 

I welcome you to get in touch via my contact page

Oliver Boito